Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Washington Monthly - more on the CHE blogging article

The Washington Monthly: "Unsurprisingly, as Dan notes, blogger reaction to this essay has been caustic. But it's hard to know if the criticism is valid or not because Tribble is frustratingly vague about the real content of the blogs he writes about.

Was Professor Turbo Geek just a computer hobbyist? Or did PTG reveal that a typical day included 14 hours a day coding HTML followed by exclamations like 'Christ, I wish I never had to read another Victorian poem again'?

Did Professor Shrill just vent about daily life? Or are we talking about dark and detailed confessions of homicidal urges aimed at close colleagues?

As for Bagged Cat, I'd venture to say that by boasting to a blogger about his illicit puffery, he failed not just the integrity test for a faculty position, but the IQ test as well."

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