Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Songs from the year you graduated high school

via New Kid on the Hallway: My bad taste in music meme

1. Physical, Olivia Newton-John (highlight: 80s workout wear)
2. Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor (one of my boyfriend's favorite songs - heard it at least 10 times on each date)
3. I Love Rock N' Roll, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (Joan is my hero - what can I say!)
4. Ebony And Ivory, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (an odd combination)
5. Centerfold, J. Geils Band (just shows that life is full of surprises)
6. Don't You Want M, Human League (didn't ever understand this one)
7. Jack And Diane, John Cougar (A Midwestern anthem)
8. Hurts So Good, John Cougar (isn't that teenage life?)
9. Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band (if we just had that power)
10. Hard To Say I'm Sorry, Chicago (yes .. . . but we mostly think that out someone else and not ourselves)
11. Tainted Love, Soft Cell (we only hoped we would someday find out what that was)
12. Chariots Of Fire, Vangelis (just plain stupid)
13. Harden My Heart, Quarterflash (I kept hoping to do this but I was too boy crazy)
14. Rosanna, Toto (I can still "picture" it being on all of the 3 FM radio stations we could listen to at one time in my dad's old road car - a blue 1976 Oldsmobile with "push buttons" for channel selectors that were not "programmable)
15. I Can't Go For That, Daryl Hall and John Oates (again, something I hoped I could say sometimes)
16. 867-5309 (Jenny), Tommy Tutone (what would really happen when we called that number)
17. Key Largo, Bertie Higgins (I should know that but can't think of that tune)
18. You Should Hear How She Talks About You, Melissa Manchester (what most women only hoped to do publicly but privately were staying with/going back to him)
19. Waiting For A Girl Like You, Foreigner (I remember memorizing every word by constantly rewinding my portable red cassette player. One short-term "boyfriend" used to play songs on the radio through the Slimline phone)
20. Don't Talk To Strangers, Rick Springfield (my high school crush thought he was Rick Springfield and I did, too)
21. The Sweetest Thing, Juice Newton (an odd ballad)
22. Always On My Mind, Willie Nelson (i wasn't aware of it then but later one of my favorite songs would be his duet with Toby Keith (duh man) Whiskey for My Men, Beer for my Horses)
23. Shake It Up, Cars (and we did)
24. Let It Whip, Dazz Band (and we did this, too)
25. We Got The Beat, Go-Go's (and we tried to get this)
26. The Other Woman, Ray Parker Jr. (don't remember it but I should . . )
27. Turn Your Love Around, George Benson (again, something we hoped for)
28. Sweet Dreams, Air Supply (classic 80s)
29. Only The Lonely, Motels (more angst, but good angst)
30. Who Can It Be Now?, Men At Work (not sure what this meant)
31. Hold Me, Fleetwood Mac (Fleetwood Mac, need we say any more? Were's the renaissance for them like there currently is for Abba?)
32. Eye In The Sky, Alan Parsons Project (again, missed the reference but song was okay)
33. Let's Groove, Earth, Wind and Fire (we kept hoping)
34. Open Arms, Journey (more angst and longing)
35. Leader Of The Band, Dan Fogelberg (don't remember but I should)
36. Leather And Lace, Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (unique duet before they were "out")
37. Even The Nights Are Better, Air Supply (yep, they were)
38. I've Never Been To Me, Charlene (should remember that one, too)
39. '65 Love Affair, Paul Davis (good song but it was a year or two behind when most of us were an a gleam in our daddy's eyes)
40. Heat Of The Moment, Asia (yep, we were starting to learn about that)
41. Take It Easy On Me, Little River Band (please do until I tell you otherwise)
42. Pac-man Fever, Buckner and Garcia (the same boyfriend as Eye of the Tiger gave me that one)
43. That Girl, Stevie Wonder (that still refers to an old sitcom)
44. Private Eyes, Daryl Hall and John Oates (good song but what did it mean?)
45. Trouble, Lindsey Buckingham (hoping to get into short-term trouble but not the 9-month kind)
46. Making Love, Roberta Flack (don't remember)
47. Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me, Juice Newton (big time anthem)
48. Young Turks, Rod Stewart (don't know what it was about; pre-Rachel)
49. Freeze-frame, J. Geils Band (great video on MTV when you could watch it for hours at a Friday or Saturday night party)
50. Keep The Fire Burnin', REO Speedwagon (we wondered what that meant)
51. Do You Believe In Love, Huey Lewis and The News (loved Huey and yes we did)
52. Cool Night, Paul Davis (some hidden meaning here)
53. Caught Up In You, 38 Special (my favorite group from this time and yes I can picture the guy I was caught up in and still has a "piece of my heart")
54. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, Diana Ross (we're still wondering that)
55. Love In The First Degree, Alabama (the first inkling of the super group to me and more of a revelation fo my future country heart)
56. Hooked On Classics, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (sounded good)
57. Wasted On The Way, Crosby, Stills and Nash (?)
58. Think I'm In Love, Eddie Money (Eddie was quite the rebel and great to sing to and this was a good out if you weren't sure)
59. Love Is In Control, Donna Summer (disco queen is all that comes to mind)
60. Personally, Karla Bonoff (we hoped)
61. One Hundred Ways, Quincy Jones (should remember this one but Quincy wasn't quite as known then either)
62. Blue Eyes, Elton John (he's gone off the deep end so don't like his work as much. Like I said a few years back with the Dixie Chicks - I don't pay George Bush to sing)
63. Our Lips Are Sealed, Go-Go's (now we know they were far from that!!! (lots of hidden and not so hidden meanings here)
64. You Could Have Been Wih Me, Sheena Easton (you sure could have)
65. You Can Do Magic, America (yep)
66. Did It In A Minute, Daryl Hall and John Oates (and the point is?)
67. I Ran, A Flock Of Seagulls (upbeat song but didn't get the point)
68. Somebody's Baby, Jackson Browne (we hoped)
69. Oh No, Commodores (good rhythm but I will admit I'm running out of steam at #59)
70. Take It Away, Paul McCartney (old Beatle)
71. It's Gonna Take A Miracle, Deneice Williams (?)
72. Love Will Turn You Around, Kenny Rogers (yep - along with Diane Lane and the pre-NASCAR movie)
73. Don't Stop Bellevin', Journey (we still know this is true)
74. Comin' In And Out Of Your Life, Barbra Streisand (and now she's in Jim Brolin's life - we never would have guessed this one oh so many years ago)
75. Gloria, Laura Branigan (disco again)
76. Empty Garden, Elton John (see above)
77. Yesterday's Songs, Neil Diamond (and we thought he was singing them)
78. Crimson And Clover, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (what can I say, Joan rocks)
79. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Police (he in my case)
80. Here I Am, Air Supply (we hoped)
81. I Keep Forgettin', Michael Mcdonald (still going strong and he doesn't seem to forget)
82. Get Down On It, Kool and The Gang (yep, easy to rock)
83. Any Day Now, Ronnie Milsap (again, more country sneaking in . . . and we could hope)
84. Make A Move On Me, Olivia Newton-John (a little surprising coming from Sandy)
85. Take My Heart, Kool and The Gang (?)
86. Mirror Mirror, Diana Ross (odd song but, then again, we didn't know that her friend Michael Jackson would no longer be the same later on)
87. Vacation, Go-Go's (and they were on one constantly)
88. (Oh) Pretty Woman, Van Halen (one of them was married to Valerie Bertinelli . . . )
89. Should I Do It, Pointer Sisters (nope, probably not)
90. Hot In The City, Billy Idol (oddball)
91. Kids In America, Kim Wilde (scream song)
92. Man On Your Mind, Little River Band (hmmmm, too many times I was faced with woman on their mind . . . )
93. What's Forever For, Michael Murphy (still asking that question . . . )
94. Waiting On A Friend, Rolling Stones (still pushing your point at 60+ is pushing it more than a bit)
95. Do I Do, Stevie Wonder (I should remember this one)
96. Working For The Weekend, Loverboy (yep - and they should stay in the past based on their recent reality show appearance)
97. Goin' Down, Greg Guidry (?)
98. Arthur's Theme, Christopher Cross (and that was just on TV - great life mantra)
99. Through The Years, Kenny Rogers (too long term for most teens to understand)
100. Edge Of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks (yep that fits with this year)

Apparently, you are younger than I am.
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