Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying - Yahoo! News

New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying - Yahoo! News: "New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying

By ALLEN G. BREED, Associated Press Writer 35 minutes ago

NEW ORLEANS - The last bedraggled refugees were rescued from the Superdome on Saturday and the convention center was all but cleared, leaving the heart of New Orleans to the dead and dying, the elderly and frail stranded too many days without food, water or medical care.

No one knows how many were killed by Hurricane Katrina's floods and how many more succumbed waiting to be rescued. But the bodies are everywhere: hidden in attics, floating among the ruined city, crumpled on wheelchairs, abandoned on highways.

The last refugees at the Superdome and the convention center climbed aboard buses Saturday bound for shelters, but the dying goes on."

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