Monday, September 12, 2005

Poor Mr. Churchill

The Chronicle: Daily news: 09/12/2005 -- 02: "Mr. Churchill said he had published more than 4,000 pages of scholarship and argued that examining the work of any scholar with a similarly extensive publication record would produce 'a half-dozen paragraphs, half-dozen footnotes that you can build some kind of a case on, if that's your object.'

He compared his position to that of Al Capone, who was ultimately sent to Alcatraz for income-tax evasion, and mimicked the university as saying, 'We don't care what we get him on, we'll get him on anything.'"

So he publicly states that the rest of us are sloppy scholars (I'm trying to be civil here) . . . . Even those of us without numerous assistants/graduate students know better than this.

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