Monday, November 14, 2005

Do Not Fear the Blog (from CHE)

Print: Chronicle Careers: 11/14/2005: "

Monday, November 14, 2005
Do Not Fear the Blog

First Person
Personal experiences on the job market

My blog, '(a)musings of a grad student,' was born one day in July of 2002 when my then-boyfriend suggested I start one. I suspect he was slightly sick of listening to my running political commentary, and a blog seemed an ideal channel for my complaints. So with little effort and a crash course in basic HTML, I had my own Web-based publication, subtitled (appropriately as it turns out), 'reflections on an academic life, plus politics and more.'

In the beginning I had five loyal readers: the boyfriend, my father, my mother, and my grandfather, who periodically printed out posts and brought them dutifully for my grandmother to read.

My blog inhabited a quiet, slightly dusty corner of the blogosphere. My posts were occasional meditations on the politics of the day, interesting primary sources, fun news articles, rants about graduate-student life, quick research notes, together with some thoughts about the plot arcs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

The other side of the Tribble story. It will be interesting to see what time's verdict is on this. My main concern would be that a graduate student is spending time on a blog - just like I saw many do with websites - instead of getting their dissertations done since, sadly, so few actually finish.

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