Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Inside Higher Ed :: Online Quicksand

Inside Higher Ed :: Online Quicksand: "King, one of Deignan’s advisers, had perhaps the most unique take on the situation in today’s Web-based society: “I don’t understand what blogs are,” he said. “Apparently, though, they can get you in trouble.”"

This is as interesting story about a "war of words" in the blogosphere. I don't agree with notifying someone's adviser. If it's that much of a problem, they will eventually find out.

The blogosphere does greatly blur the personal and professional if you chose to make it so. And, even if you are blogging anonymously, you are out there on the web and savvy computer/internet users can find you. There's also a point where you just walk away from a fight. It's like a graduate seminar gone mad!!! (and illustrating the worst features of the ivory tower)

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