Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I spent the morning on the computer with class-related tasks and then over to the dentist. I spent the rest of the day helping out my parents - both of whom have had colds. Mom is going to bake the pies - pumpkin and coconut cream - plus dodies (dough with cinnamon and sugar - would be interested in how many other names there are for this). Luckily, I inherited at least part of her piemaking genes.

Tomorrow I will make everything but the sweet potatoes. I prefer sweet potatoes without too much other "sweetening" added. We'll have a Butterball turkey with a crisp skin (the best part), mashed potatoes and gravy, green beens, cranberry sauce (jelled from a can - it's not Thanksigiving without it and I don't think I can eat turkey without it, either), heavenly hash (coconut, sour cream, mandarin oranges, and pineapple), rolls, and stuffing (Pepperidge Farm) with the two eggs I forgot last year. Then, on Friday, we'll repeat the meal again and my brother will get out his storage containers to take some home. The key is always making enough gravy.

It's back up to 70 today (we've often had snow and ice by this time of the year) but will be cooler and, thus, Thanksgiving weather, tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day to all!

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