Friday, December 09, 2005

Cuts at Tulane

The Chronicle: Daily news: 12/09/2005 -- 01: "Tulane U. to Lay Off 233 Professors and Eliminate 14 Doctoral Programs


Tulane U. to lay off 233 professors and eliminate 14 doctoral programs

Federal panel on higher education appears likely to call for testing of college students

Advisory committee to U.S. Education Dept. penalizes accreditor of conservative colleges

Colleges should look beyond the Internet to recruit students, marketers say

NYU joins Coca-Cola boycott over allegations of union busting and rights violations in Colombia

State Digest: Requests to extend desegregation remedies in Alabama, and other news from the states

Information Technology
Texas Supreme Court endorses college district's technology and activity fees, voiding $12-million judgment

A little more than three months after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, forcing administrators to cancel the fall semester at Tulane University, the storm has dealt another blow to the institution.

On Thursday university officials announced a sweeping restructuring that will slice $60-million from the annual budget and will result in the layoffs of 233 faculty members, the elimination of 14 doctoral programs and 5 undergraduate majors, and the suspension of 8 athletics teams."


This looks like the real world impacting the ivory tower. I wonder if other institutions will use this as a case study to at least gradually cut programs to protect their long-term survival. However, I'm curious if there are any administrative cuts to match the faculty cuts???? Just a thought.

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