Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Garden City

I actually made it to Garden City just a bit ago. It was neat seeing the Christmas lights along what is left of the main streets of some of the small farms. The sunset was also gorgeous across the Kansas plains. I grabbed dinner at a Pizza Hut. The nice thing about Pizza Hut starting in Wichita is that you can find them even in some very small towns in Kansas. Pizza Hut and Dairy Queens (although the DQ in my home town is a disappointment because of the lack of consistency).

I got away a bit later than planned and didn't quite get the grant done but I can finish that in the morning. It's a short one - it's just a matter of sitting rear end in chair and NOT blogging. ;-) It's supposed to be in the 50s most days of my trip. Where is winter besides the one blast that froze my pipe?

I did get a small bit of work done on podcasting before I left.

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