Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday update

Last week just plain got away from me - but lots was done. I'm closing in on the contacts for the final drafts of the two TAH grants and spent two days viewing the excellent teaching of two current grant teachers. I will definitely miss the teachers that finish with us this year. But there will still be plenty to do. Also had a tense colleague review last week - have to realize I am only part of the bureaucracy. But I was hoping that one of the benfits of the ivory tower was getting to have some say over your who your colleagues were. Too many people worrying about being nice to someone who they think is nice but is more clinically complicated than that. nuf said.

This week I'm teaching the teaching class this afternoon. It was good to meet them last week. A few online students who haven't taken online classes before are struggling with the idea of putting all the material together and not just going to look for an answer (since I'm not up in front of them professing to give them just the "right" answers). A student emailed earlier this week asking to add the class that I am "teaching." I responded that I wasn't sure what he meant by "teaching" but the course was full. Yes, I did just drop by Wal-mart and pull a class off the shelf and have a little robot to do my grading and my emailing. ;-)

The birds are going crazy in front of my windows. The branches are a bit unkempt because they like it that way. Some gorgeous cardinals. (my monitor is in the corner near the window so I really am working and do need screen breaks). Back to grant writing and breakfast.

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