Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Playing School, Irreverently

Playing School, Irreverently: "My teaching experiences have involved a variety of encounters with this computer savvy generation which indicate that many can barely word process (electronic copies of papers that are a disaster in terms of formatting), they have poor file management skills, they are not at all adventurous with web searches, and they do not readily adapt to new programs. My summer class of freshmen barely used email. They said they didn't need it since they had cell phones -- and we all know that writing/typing sucks. Or should I say sux? ;).

I'm not actually trying to generalize in the opposite direction of all the hype, just to say that for every savvy student I've met there's been another who can or will only compute in a very limited manner. Do others share this experience? What are your students like in terms of technology skills (if you know)?"

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