Thursday, March 23, 2006

spring break

This spring break has not been an exciting one - mainly catching up since there is quite a bit of travel to professional meetings once we return from spring break. Sabbatical is formal and so that is a good thing.

I've caught up with the hard part - grading. Now I need to finish the rest of the planning for my foreign policy class -how best to emphasize more recent Middle Eastern events in only a few weeks is obviously a challenge.

I usually finish seeing student teachers before spring break but still have two to see - block schedules and testing and video units made things a bit more challenging this year. Plus all the extra meetings on campus that seem to have creeped into my schedule.

Am looking forward to the travel although I never thought I'd be going to DC twice in the same month for 5-6 days each time. Hopefully April weather is good and at least one fo those weeks hits cherry blossom time.

Did some work in Kansas City on Monday and Tuesday and head out for fun tomorrow afternoon and evening with a friend - shopping and fancy food!

Thought I was getting sick early this week but the antibiotic seems to be working - along with the self-imposed additional rest. I knew I needed the antiobiotic when I slept 11 hours one night after not having taken anything. I'm usually closer to a 7-hour sleepr. But obviously my body needed it. I'm getting older and wiser - after all, I'm getting old enough my body will make me listen to it or I'll pay a heavier price than I did in my teens and twenties :-)

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