Saturday, April 15, 2006


OK. This is my second weekend working on relaxing. Yes, I have to work at relaxing. I did get everything that absolutely had to be done as far as work finished during the regular work week. Yesterday I feel behind on around-the-house things because when I asked for the update on how many we had attending the TAH symposium next week, our numbers had soared from 30 at last count to 115! This is great - esp. since many people integral to the grants nationally and to the historical profession (our main audience at this point although we want participation by a wide diversity of the grant stakeholders and we seem to have that).

After celebrating Easter with the family, I'll go to a fraternity meeting to get some closure on last week's drama. The alumni board member who asked me to be the adviser will be there and always does a great job.

My favorite senior colleague went with me to work on the squirrel problem at the farm. The pest control expert will be back in the area on Monday and help me get going. I don't like sharing a dwelling with squirrels. Apparently my efforts to keep them away from decks and door trim have sent them to the attic. Luckily, the only wires they have chewed can be accessed in the attic and don't require tearing up a wall.
The other great news this week - the electric at the farm is finally complete and I now know the mystery behind the plug-ins that did not end up in the soffit and ended up hanging down from them. Some various workers not working together basically. But now it's all set.

On the colleague front, she's finally fed up with some of the same situations I am and we have a much more shared vision. I admire her tenacity but sometimes you don't have to deal with absolutely all the problems other choose to create. The best conditioning is to ignore them. And I get an "A" on that front this week - very successful management to encourage not having to manage at all.

And I'm about to earn at least a "C" on weekends. Sheesh. . . still need to work on separating work and personal, huh.

Anyway, this week should be an even bigger week than the last week in DC. The foundation for sabbatical is definitely set. Meetings with two publishers plus a play with my mentor and friend. It will be great to see a play in DC.

There were a few challenges this past week but all were successfully handled. It's just been a busy month but it will make May even better.

The rain hasn't appeared yet so I may get some more time outside after I walk the Shadow man.

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