Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sun evening

I can't believe tomorrow is May 1. Graduation for our grant teachers is May 19 and it seems like we just started yesterday.

We had our department banquet on Friday - the food and company was good despite the rain.

This week will be a bit more catching up and then getting ready to go to Denver with grant teachers. I'll spend Wednesday night in KC to catch an early flight. Hilton Honors has a new program for certain membership levels where you can pick your room a day ahead a time. I'm anxious to see how this program works.

I met with one of our oral history grant teachers last week and he's doing some great work. I will check in with the other two over the next few weeks also. One more grant activity the next week with a Gilder Lehrman Institute speaker in Kansas City and then a few weeks off before we start the intense June and July with grant activities. I really enjoy them but having the entire day scheduled means it is a different schedule and goes really fast but is also tiring. I'm excited about the NY trip and DC is starting to feel like my second home. But I can make that a good thing.

I'm also trying to figt in fun times during sabbatical in between the work. My brother discovered that the train trips to Mexico were just being revamped so we will be riding in Pullman cars between El Paso and Mexic City. The challenge will be getting the schedules of 3 adults together.

Some grading took place this weekend but that will end soon enough. I have some finishing up to do for the methods class tomorrow. We celebrated my brother's birthday last night and had a great time and the rain stopped for a little while today - just dry enough to mow the lawn so that can be taken off the list next week.

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