Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday update

It was a major milestone for me when I didn't spin my wheels out of control working last weekend after two 4 to 5 day travels in a row. I knew it would all be there Monday. Of course, I did cheat and do a little work email, etc., but will save most of that for later in the week.

The best news, Dad was elected mayor of my hometown and I will travel there (only about 35 miles but across a state line) this evening to take him to a celebration dinner and see him installed. It's a big day for him. He was successful in a career for a wide variety of reasons although he will usually tell you it was only because no one wanted ot travel 12 states in a car like he did. But his people sense is off the charts and an essential skill for a public servant. He also loves interacting with people on a variety of levels. His family had to reinforce it was not a situation of if he could do it but if, at 70, he wanted to do it. And, the bottom line is that he does. Mom was active in school board and park board a few decades back and is having fun watching as she knows the full implications of what public service truly entails. :-)

Am enjoying the windy farm but had a non-rushed morning (kept waking up way too early on the weekend which isn't normal this close to the start of daylight savings time but probably has something to do with being on east coast time last week which actually meant a 2 hour change for my body clock). Will hit a chunk of the grading and then head to help Dad get ready. He knows it's a busy time but doesn't understand I will be there when needed. I couldn't be here for the election party because of a federal committee meeting in DC (and he also didn't know for sure what early week in April until a few weeks before because he had been so easy). Tomorrow will be busy with home repair people.

My insurance agent did an oustanding job of finishing up my claim with the adjustors who wanted to spend lots of time trimming a few hundred when my initial salvage efforts and hard labor saved them thousands of dollars. It will be nice to see that check and it's nice knowing my insurance is worth its weight in gold. Plus I have an agent who is willing to go to bat for me when necessary.

So, that's a load off that has existed since December 11.

The methods course went well yesterday and they turned in their last lesson plans. I also attended the fraternity meeting on Sunday (I'm academic adviser)after they endured a situation that, as I told them, separated the men from the boys. The methods class has a week off from class (they've earned it) next week when I'm headed back to DC and have a guest speaker upon my return.

May 19 is graduation and sabbatical officially starts at that point. A colleague is worried about my mental separation but positive events in DC and KC have only underscored the importance of putting my mental and physical energy into endeavors which are appreciated and rewarding and truly have an impact on the world around me.

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