Monday, May 08, 2006

The end of the semester

While most other schools are in finals week, we are just beginning dead week. However, it seems to be anything but dead with me with both both expected and unexpected committee service that will involve several meetings each of the next two weeks besides meeting with student teachers for the last time on Monday and attending graduation a week from Friday. I will learn more about our institutional culture than I probably wanted to know but the end result should be a more positive work environment upon my return. Or, at the very least, to know I have done everything I can do to create same.

We took grant teachers to Denver this past Thursday through Sunday. They were knee deep in primary sources at the National Archives there after our arrival Thursday and then we were 1000 foot under the ground on Friday in a working gold mine. Best of all, we saw snow one last time this season!!!! Then, received a bit of an unexpected sunburn the next day at the Cinco do Mayo festival - about 200,000 in attendance.

Headed to the ed service center today to get rolling on a science podcasting grant - I will learn a great deal and the project director is way organized - just the way I like it!

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