Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sanborn Maps

A long journey into discovering how to access the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for our area finally paid off yesterday. A librarian in one of our TAH grants did some checking around (my university librarian ran into a dead end) and by signing up for a Kansas City Public Library card, I can access the Sanborn maps for ALL of Kansas and Missouri (so both my research areas with teachers and my hometown!). Wahoo!!! Now to get some color copies made.

I have spent a few days feeling unproductive because I have not been up and at my computer by 6:30 am but it is a liberating feeling - esp. given that summers are busier than the regular semesters since the TAH program began (and no, I'm not complaining). I'm still learning how to answer teachers' questions over and over because, by human nature, it's easier them to email or call the project assistant or me than to review their emails or look in Blackboard. I hope to stay away from work email (good luck!) while I am the lake with family over the holiday weekend and then get ready to role for the summer during the second half of next week.

Later today I meet at Greenbush about numerous grant projects - including the science podcasting grant that will open up a whole new world for me - learning new content as well as dealing with old friends and new people who think differently than history teachers since they are science teachers. Without my previous work at Greenbush, I wouldn't have even known about this door, let alone gone through it. The area superintendents will also be in residence at their monthly forum so it will be a busy place today.

More good news - my new furniture just arrived. I wanted to finish out the 'red' bedroom set before they quit making that color. I missed out on a great off-white apothecary chest for my entranceway because they changed off white to bright white - which wouldn't work.

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