Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday morning

It's a beautiful day with perfect Midwestern spring temperatures. I took teachers to hear David Blight talk about the civil war and memory. His work will be a great addition to the historical cognition course that I first taught last spring. I emphasized 20th century topics but will add Dr. Blight's book to the reading list. He actually has me interested in the Civil War.

Three of the teachers were able to go to dinner and Anthony and Dr. Blight agreed to join us - we had a great discussion and good food. The wine and cheese reception after Dr. Blight's speech was also fun.

I have already spent a great deal of time outdoors and even made it to the farmers' market this morning. My favorite farmer was there but I had already missed the strawberries since they're just starting to ripen. (last year I missed them totally given my May travel). The good news was that I found out I can reserve them ahead of time so I'm not aced out by the older women who make a sport of surveying and not deciding. :-)

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