Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Semester Has Ended

Graduation was last night. I had a 50/50 shot of being on the correct side for all of our grads to walk by that are in our Teaching American History grant and were graduating with their MA in History. Too bad I was on the wrong side - they were going to slap hands as they went by.

Most of them made it to the departmnet reception prior to graduationg and the new Vice President for Academic Affairs also stopped by to say hello to them. He's a pioneer grant writer and works with Greenbush and understands how important these partnerships are.

The chicken dinner went well afterwards - esp. for those that traveled a long way with family. Most restaurants in our small town would have been closed by the time graduation ceremonies ended. One teacher even had to get back to a town 3 hours away to go to her high school's morning graduation.

This morning I worked in the yard and picked up the last of one farmer's strawberry crop. I'm glad I asked for extra since he thinks he is at the end of his run. I stopped by the store and then got the pedal kayak ready for the trailer to head to the Lake of the Ozarks. My brother was already here and helped me unload. Then we headed out to get something to eat and then over to our cousin's a few "bends" over. They just built a new house based on the foundation of the family cabin. The interior design looks professionally done. She and her husband and her sister and her husband are going to Vegas next weekend.

We'll continue to clean tomorrow until my brother goes home. Then, I'll keep going like the Energizer bunny and also do some reading and pedalling (two lls?). I can't believe I've done my last difficult grading for a year. Sabbatical officially starts in August but I have cut campus ties except for summer grades. It really is here!

Just two weeks in the Midwest until it's time to head to New York City with one group of grant teachers for an institute. Hopefully I will catch up on all the cleaning by then!

BTW Hi, Chris!

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