Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Grant Activities Begin

Although I'm not where I wanted to be the day before we started rolling with summer grant activities, I actually have taken some vacation time with the holiday weekend. In the long run, that will pay off. I'm just still doing some basic conditioning that that is the case. :-)

We have two days of teacher presentations and then we are off to the Big Apple for a week with the folks at Gilder Lehrman. Then a workshop later the week of our return and the next Monday then I'm off to meet a relative at a dude ranch in CO. Then, back for a conference panel and the start of 2 weeks in Parsons for grant activities and then a week in DC. Then the distance learning conference. Before I know it, I will be blogging from Madison. :-)

But, the best news, it's 99% sure we have another grant!

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