Sunday, June 25, 2006

Garden City, Kansas

Despite a late start, I made it to Garden City, Kansas, last night. I was reading the local literature last night and didn't realize I am only a few miles away from the site of "In Cold Blood." It was a bit eerie. Having heard the story and that it took place "out in western Kansas" is a little different than being just down the road. A family lives in the house now and apparently has had to post no trespassing signs. The family and local officials connected with the case are buried in a Garden City cemetery.

I'm timing my visit to eat Thai food in Lamar, CO, and then I only have about 140 miles until reaching my final destination for this week of vacation.

I will go see a colleague at Adams State about his TAH grant, and then, I woke up thinking about Santa Fe so I guess I will be forced to see if I can get a room for Saturday night before I go home.

I was able to get somewhat caught up before I left home - I did get in several repair calls - plumbers, satellite, oil change, etc. I'm sure what I didn't get done will still be there when I get back. :-)

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