Saturday, July 22, 2006

Finishing Project eHIKES

We finished Project eHIKES yesterday with a celebratory lunch at a local Mexican place that also serves margaritas. It was great to get almost everyone together and most of us will be in DC all next week.

And, finally, the heat has broken. 85 actually seems cool after 114 degree heat index days.

It is actually starting to feel like sabbatical. I ensured that I did not have to spend the weekend grading so that I can actually get in some exercise without worrying about a schedule where I have to be cleaned up to face the world (if all I had to do was shower and shave like men! :-) ). I'm going to see this movie this evening with a friend. Should be fun.

Now out for a bike ride in the country before it does get a bit too warm.

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