Monday, July 17, 2006

July Institute

We're already into the second week of our July institute - our final gatherings for Project eHIKES with a finale in Washington DC next week at the National Archives and, for some interested parties, the Library of Congress.

Paula was here last week and the teachers are still working on some great projects. I've asked them to add an assessment portion to some of them so that they can think through history-centric rubrics and checklists. This will not only help them think more in terms of authentic assessment - it's one thing to do new and different things - a whole other thing to properly assess them and also satisfy increasing demands focused on meeting state standards imposed from above. It will also be a tool for the methods class when I return from sabbatical.

The tedious paperwork from last month's work with Project Primary Sources is almost behind us. I finally had a chance to read their reaction papers/Teaching Improvement Grants and they are both insightful and moving considering that this was the first (and only) trip to NYC for most of them.

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