Sunday, July 23, 2006

A weekend at last

I'm actually feeling like I'm experiencing a weekend. The only challenge is that the motor seized on the lawnmower - but I think I can get someone to fix it while I'm gone. And the grass is not growing as much with the recent heat. I also have some great neighbors that will help out.

Yesterday, the Devis Wears Prada was great! I thought it was going to have a cliche ending but it left you with some options of interpretation - which is always better than predictable. Meryl Streep is just outstanding.

I haven't ridden 12 miles on my bike out in the country like I did yesterday since last summer and I'm going to try to get one of those rides in today. But, first, Shadow and I will walk to the convenience store to get the Sunday papers. There is a tragedy hanging over a nearby community but there are a large number of resources being pooled to help everyone out - one of the great things about small towns in rural areas.

It looks like it will be another gorgeous day. It's amazing that mid-80s seems cools but it's all relative. I think my mind and my body will be ready to head to DC tomorrow. Of course, I'll have to stop here on the way to the airport.

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