Friday, August 04, 2006

Distance Learning Conference Day 2

The conference is going well. Had a great meal last night at Eno Vino - the small plate approach plus great atmosphere and one of the best cosmopolitans I've ever had.

I'm sitting in sessions on Internet 2 but somehow they skipped the presentation from the Library of Congress (DC) and the Underground Railroad Museum (Cincinnati). Kansas is one of the 36 states on I2 which speaks to its rural nature.

The podcasting session early this morning came from the media theories approach so it wasn't as useful for my interests. I did attend the start of the databse session utilizing AJAX but they lost me when they said they weren't going to deal with the practical applications of how to implement databases - more of a session of why an online instructor should consider using them. I'm already to that point and, given that it's a technology conference, was hoping they would explore the tech specs. Guess some internet research on the topic is next.

The conference ends this afternoon. We're going to check out the Greenbush Bar (I hope they have t-shirts to take to friends at home!) and the University of Wisconsin campus.

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