Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lift-Off . . . Almost

I'm sitting in the commuter airport that will get me to Cincinnati and then the flight is direct to Rome from there. I have a longer than expected layover because they canceled some of the flights out of this hub that were just added about two years ago. So, now I am in Delta's hands until 10:20 am in Rome tomorrow morning.

Rumor Has It is supposed to be playing on the flight over. It's great to actually have a movie I want to see on the flight. I also bought the DVDs of the first seasons of the West Wing and Everybody Loves Raymond. They will tide me through the no regular TV that I am used to keeping me company.

Mom was feeling better before I left which is quite a relief. She was starting to get worried she could go on the cruise she planned for all of us in January. She has to be so careful with all the side effects - esp. when she can't have any sudafed. I live on 12-hour sudafed so I can't even imagine what it must be like to have to use trial and error to find something that works.

I resisted the tempation to even bring my work notebook although, of course, I did bring my computer. It's actually more for the airplane and layover time - plus now that this computer has an internal DVD drive, I can watch shows and movies. I also have my iPod. I will also download some of Bruce Williams' podcasts to this computer while we are in Cinci.

The plane just landed so all I have to do is survive the hour and a half ride on the small plane and then I can get a Chik Fil A sandwich in Cinci as well as decide on getting Euros, etc. I have some Euros from the last trip but since I have to pay for the first hotel and car from Salerno to Ravello in cash, I had better get more.

Last year, I met an interesting couple that was going to a villa in Italy for a month. I just read an article about the increasing agriturismo availability - although you have to be more selective since the government incentives to turn a farm into a lodging establishment were almost too good and sometimes you get not much more a bed. There's also been more articles recently about Puglia and Basilicata in the gourmet and travel magazines. I almost finished the novel about the man who lived in Basilicata - somewhat on the "trail" of Carlo Levi.

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