Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My friend in Minnesota bailed me out so that I could go to the distance learning conference in Wisconsin. I had planned to stop by to see her and the family (her youngest is my only godchild :-) ) but Shadow's being sick while Mom had her list concerned her and so I needed to find alternate dog-sitting arrangements. After trying to check out several options, I was afraid I would have to cancel. I have been traveling too much and the dog was clearly reaching his stress limit. It's a double-edged sword. I love having a dog at home but also like to travel. If only my last name were Hilton and I could have a whole crew of people just to bring my dog/s along wherever I go. The conference hotel does not accept pets and one across town did. However, that still leaves the problem of what to do with him all day. So, Cathy kindly offered to watch him and I will watch the girls for her and her husband to have a date night when I get back. I'm looking forward to the pretty drive across Wisconsin and am glad they warned me to not drive more than a few miles over the speed limit on I-94 to Madison. Apparently there are people in this neck of the woods who never get tickets except for driving this particular stretch of interstate.

I'm also exploring the idea of researching the history of interstates - since they just hit their 50th anniversary and there are numerous places/states that like to claim that each built the first stretch of the Eisenhower interstate system. Luckily, the records are at the National Archives regional facilities. I just have to make a trip with a friend who used to work at the Missouri Highway Department because, like everything else with the federal government, we have to have the project number unless we want to look through every single record in Missouri's highway history!!!

I'll meet Cary and some of his grant officers for dinner tonight and then I'm hoping the conference is as good as it looks on paper. I was disappointed with NECC last year - a few good things but too expensive for the total package - unless the location is good, that is!

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