Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not So Fun Parts of Being a Department Member

Yesterday the faculty grievance finally occurred and it's good to have my final duty prior to sabbatical finished. I don't envy the administrators who routinely deal with these particular situations at all.

But now it's on to happier topics. I've been busy working on next year's TAH Symposium to be held in conjunction with OAH and am about to finish up the final pieces on that - at least what falls under my umbrella of responsibility. I'm also working with some of our grant teachers to get us on the Western History program and then to continue the TAH Symposium idea at the National Council for Public History organization that meets in Santa Fe next spring.

I'm still a bit behind on writing but still have some time ahead of me to get caught up. I am doing well with staying with my promise to myself to exercise more - even if the time before noon each day is less productive. In the long run, I'm taking much better care of myself. I'm also taking more time for friends and family and the fun things in life which should only help to improve the quality of my work. This includes taking time to enjoy the positives and the successes of my chosen profession. While I had hoped my sabbatical would bring a good karma - positive events/invitations are already occurring faster than I ever expected in my wildest imagination. Here's hoping that continues.

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