Wednesday, August 16, 2006

World Trade Center

It's not your typical Ollie fare and I highly recommend World Trade Center if you want a clearer understanding of the human experience of 9/11. The Production Notes and In Their Own Words are especially notable. The two men chronicled in the film represent #18 and #19 of the #20 people rescued from the downed buildings. Seeing their struggle to survive is quite moving. I went to the late afternoon show - I'm not sure I would have slept if I had seen it during the evening.

There are numerous critics that it is "too soon" to be chronicling 9/11. But we'll lose part of the record if we don't and everyone has a choice as to whether or not to attend these films when they are released.

As one of the reviewers noted, there is not one mention of Islam, Muslim, or the Middle East. I think some are disappointed that Stone concentrated on the human struggle instead of the political struggle.

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