Saturday, September 30, 2006

TAH Project Directors' Meeting

I attended the Albuquerque Project Directors meeting for TAH grants sponsored by the US Department of Education. This meeting was for those west of the Mississippi; the eastern "half" will meet in Cleveland next week.

This was the best of all the TAH grant meetings I've attended - a wide diversity of options. After both meetings have concluded, we'll post notes, etc., to the listserv.

We went out early in the day on Monday and my mentor met me there so that we could run up to Santa Fe. We had a great lunch and margaritas at Tomasitas. I also discovered that a place I thought was gone that has great clothes and shoes at good prices was still there and celebrated appropriately.

I worked on some articles the rest of the week and had meetings before I headed out to the farm. I spent 3 hours outside today before it became too hot. I'm still learning the oil and gas mix and how it's different for every piece of equipment I own but I have now decided I will buy separate containers for each and mark them so I don't forget. I am also trying to figure out what tripped the instant hot water heater (something I didn't know I couldn't live without it before I had it) so that I don't have to call a plumber for just one thing. Tripping the breaker didn't work it but the web shows two other options.

Next week will go fast with our Project Primary Sources meeting and getting the new grant, TAHPS, rolling. Then the next week is a meeting in St. Louis. I think October might go just as fast as September!

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