Monday, October 23, 2006

Lost Weekends

I just spent my last weekend in Kansas until Thanksgiving. It rained during the Maple Leaf parade so the time spent with friend's at Dad's building was the highlight of the day. He's really proud of the floor with the car insignias designating the places of the classics.

Yesterday I began catching up on paperwork and getting ready to take out the trash and then brought the pedal kayak for storage at the farm. It seems as if we went to summer to late fall/early winter. But the good news is that all the weeds have virtually stopped growing at the farm. And I'm also trying to gauge the growth of the lawn to only mow one more time and not have to buy any more gas that won't keep until next year (now that I know you are supposed to use it within a month in order for power equipment to start easily.)

I'm enjoying the 37" LCD panel TV (it replaced a 20' screen (yes, in the living room) since I was trying to figrue out all the new technologies. I bought this one from the Target ad and ended up saving an additional $400 since they discovered it had been returned - which they claim was unusual for it to be put back on the shelf but it was the only one they had left. It turns out that it was only missing 4 speaker screws (to mount on the sides of the screen). The most frustrating part of the assembly process however was trying to figure out how to connect the speaker wires since they were bare wires that went into snap connectors. I had difficulty figuring out how to find any help on the internet since I didn't know what they were called - my only clue was the red and black "markings" and knowing there were four of them that went with two speakers. That just compounded the fact that that was the only thing left COMPLETELY out of the directions that came with it - even the French version.

I was feeling a little down Saturday - the usual letdown from all the activity - when one of my favorite cousins called. It turns out he wanted to see about visiting us over Thanksgiving. He was worried about intruding but we actually welcome additional folks since there is still just the 4 of us. So, if they can work it out with the kids' schedules, they will actually make it out here. He had commented to his wife that I had been to all of their houses (including Rome!) but they hadn't been our way. There should be plenty to do out here - he's like my Dad in that way - likes all the little hands-on projects. It's a nice break from his corporate work. And having a fast internet connection (via fixed wireless) out here will enable both he and his wife to do whatever work needs to be done while they are away. This is also excellent motivation to catch up out here and give myself a schedule of writing and cleaning. I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot write for 20 hours a day even if I wanted to. Plus, the cleaning breaks allow some thinking time.

Now to get my morning swim in . . .

I actually saw two different herds of deer this morning as I walked the dog - it's about that time of year!

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