Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday morning

It's a rainy Monday morning that finally feels like fall. I wish we'd had more rain in August so that the trees were more vivid colors but they are falling on the ground - at one point, we thought the heat would never end.

The Western was a great meeting as usual - especially meeting up with friends and colleagues and more friends. Besides Riddles, we also ate a great meal at eleven/eleven.

On the way home, I stopped by The Hill to shop. That was even more important than during my last visit to St. Louis since our local Italian grocery store is becoming just a small grocery store. I used to try to give them business even though the rest of their products weren't as fresh or as varied so I really hate that they had to make the business decision to quit carrying the great imported cheeses, tomato products, and spices.

I actually took yesterday to wind down so I would be ready for a busy week - meetings, paperworks, and the first time for an econ workshop.

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