Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter Storm

Our winter storm came in 12 hours earlier than expected so we emailed teachers first thing this morning that we would pay for another day for their substitutes so they could make it to the airport before the weather became worse. I ate lunch with a friend and although I had to drive 40 mph on I-435, it allowed all the idiots who don't slow down even though the road is icing up to go off the side of the road and the rest of the traffic to go a reasonable speed for the conditions.

I haven't driven in weather this bad since my wreck almost eight years ago and so I was a bit nervous but glad I made it through. Some of the teachers have checked in so I can quit worrying about them and I'll find out for sure tomorrow how many made it up. I know several had families to organize besides substitutes.

I met an interesting woman during the hotel's mini-happy hour. She lives in the same town as my brother and frequents one of the same restaurants. Her husband is a professional tennis player so she has some chances for girls' nights out - esp. now their her own children are teenagers. It's always great to meet new people.

Of course, that means I didn't work on all the stuff I brought to my room. But, if I don't bring all my "stuff" with me, I end up bored.

The precipitation has ended according to the official story so we'll hope that is true and we take off without incident at 7:40 am tomorrow.

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