Thursday, December 14, 2006

Charles Blackmon Case

I spent two great days researching at the Archives as well as enjoying a holiday wine dinner with a friend.

The Archives just worked with the Kansas City Star to publish a collection of their "greatest hits" that is wonderful for anyone interested in history - whether as a hobby or as a profession. It's especially great with the one-page synopses - that's called "teacher-friendly" in our world.

One case highlighed is the Charles Blackmon trial - he was a Wichita State University student who protested President Johnson's visit to the city. The greatest find was the 400-pages-plus of court transcripts and interviews. That type of document tells the story of the rest of the documents.

I also looked at osme more enemy alien records for Kansas - interesting personal stories even in the short documents.

Then, some of my brothers' friends came to visit and I caught up with my favorite mentor via phone. He's always great on providing perspective even we are each calling the kettle black. . . .

It's another 60-degree December day. I just read in the paper that we don't actually get consistent cold her until January through March. I'm glad we've had one great snow, though!

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