Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NCSS presentation

Here's the link to my NCSS presentation on social software for teachers. Fellow blogger Eric from Liberty was there and is definitely a blog you should check out.

The session was surprisingly over capacity with some great expertise throughout the audience - which also points to whey more conference sessions should be interactive and not reading papers to other adults. Several of our grant teachers who did podcasts with us this summer were in attendance. I discovered too late that the only room in the conference center where my Sprint broadband card did NOT work was in the room where I was presenting. But I quickly accessed the available system and made it work as some of my teachers were explaining their podcasts that I played from my hard drive.

The National Archives session was also over capacity and Tracy and Kimberlee did a great job and we received lots of compliments later - bringing free primary sources to teachers.

The reception and presentations at the National Archives that evening was quite moving and served some great wine and cheese.

Dinner with teachers and friends from Colorado and St. Louis was great. I can also say I have done research at Archives I - the bill files for the Presidential Libraries Act and the Former Presidents Act. And I have an official researcher card since the card for the regions doesn't appear to transfer.

Yesterday I received news that 3 of the teachers and I were accepted onto the WHA program next fall in Oklahoma City. This is my first acceptance on this program so I am quite excited. And it will be a fun meeting for the teachers given the existing diversity of membership and the inclusive tours.

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