Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Productive Day

Today was a very productive "back-to-work" day after taking a few days away from the computer to enjoy the holiday. I started one of my new year's resolutions early - writing every morning and I also fit in two exercise sessions plus some outdoor work at the farm. I also had a phone conference with a colleague on a potential publication and did some catching up on the never-ending email tasks. I have to manage email more effectively - primarily by setting aside fixed response times each work day so that I am not constantly diverting my efforts away from other tasks that need to be completed.

I also ate the left-over turkey dinner - the stuffing and gravy are almost better the second time around and the pumpkin pie is always good!

This time last year I was constantly engaged with the clean-up process after a water pipe broke. I did head out to Colorado during this week but did not go to AHA like I'm going to do this year.

How do you best manage your email within the context of the rest of your work?

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