Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday morning

After having been festive for the last couple of days to celebrate the season, I'm not energized to do some catching up and try to go beyond the just "getting by". At times like these I will I were Samantha and could just twinkle my nose and the house would clean itself. My major issue is the stacks of papers/documents/journals/books to look at later - including potential subjects of blog entries.

I have a two-day research trip planned to the National Archives in KC and am going to the farm for the next couple of days to enjoy the last of the snow. Christmas decorations are about 10% up - primarily the red mini-lights on the Christmas tree. The red lights that were left outside at the farm are now white to orange to light red so those will have to be replaced - I should have realized that leaving them on the railing all year.

Today is the anniversary of discovering the broken water pipe at the farm. This year, the outside faucet connection was severed in October and occasionally turned on when needed so there wouldn't be a repeat. A friend's husband was able to "restore" the under the counter refrigerator withOUT cracking the granite countertop so there is celebration all around. He also reworked the doors that were not hung right and the door trim that was not re-assembled correctly. You don't realize what it takes to do something right until you see it done incorrectly. And, the house is too new to have these types of issues. Let's just say I learned a lot about the different levels of insurance impelementation and hope to never have to apply those lessons again.

I'll also be going to a great wine dinner with a friend in KC while I'm there so the festivities continue.

Meanwhile, look out for flying posts as part of my catch-up effort!

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