Saturday, December 16, 2006

Work on Highway 249 shifting gears

Work on Highway 249 shifting gears: "Work on Highway 249 shifting gears

— By Wally Kennedy
CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Carterville has a grocery store, an ice cream shop, two convenience stores, a cafe, a tavern and a post office — all things a community of 1,900 people needs.
In a few years, it also will have in its back yard one of the most sophisticated highway interchanges ever constructed in Southwest Missouri. The high-speed interchange, under construction where Missouri Highway 249 meets Missouri Highway 171, will have seven bridges, including one that will be 70 to 80 feet in the air.
From the north, the interchange will provide a direct conduit for truckers and motorists to reach Interstate 44 and U.S. Highway 71, about five miles to the south. From the south, motorists will have an outlet to swing east to U.S. 71 at Carthage or swing west and connect with U.S. Highway 400 at Pittsburg, Kan."

Progress just keeps moving forward . . .

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