Tuesday, February 06, 2007

it's Tuesday

Grant writing season is in full swing - all the personal interaction is great and this time I'm not trying to work 24 hours a day and set mid-point deadlines throughout so that it all gets done and I don't spend too much time obsessing over insignificant details. It's a good lesson in letting loose of some of the control that you really don't have in this process besides writing a good application.

I am glad that I don't have teaching responsibilities to balance right now.

I've developed a new tradition, I think - buy a new DVD movie for the Super Bowl. This year The Devil Wears Prada won the role. I also bought Season 1 of Boston Legal (we're taking teachers to Boston this summer and it's a fun city) and Season 1 of 24.

Shadow and I made the most of the snow at the farm. It was great seeing all the animal tracks. Too bad our mid-50s weather today melted most of it and left a muddy mess.

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