Tuesday, February 27, 2007

St. Louis

I had a late start today but was just too tired last night to pack and make sure I had everything else I needed before I headed to Michigan. The hotels on the other side of St. Louis, including Effingham, IL, were already full so I'm on the west side and will deal with rush hour if necessary but wanted to make sure my car was parked in a safe part of town. And, I did complete 300 miles of the 800 mile trip so I shouldn't have any trouble getting there tomorrow - maybe even before dinner except that I have to remember I lose an hour by tomorrow afternoon. I hope to stay at least somewhat ahead of the new storm that is coming through or at least ahead enough that the roads aren't a problem. The 60 degress plus at home was just teasing me even though I'm not ready for winter to end. Now, if I could just get totally over this stuffy head . . . . BTW, it was great working with one of our teacher groups on Monday in Topeka. I'll miss them after this June.

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