Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back in Missouri

Basketball players from all over Michigan descended on East Lansing last night which not only meant more activity late and early but also that I had to park at the end of the block since there weren't enough spots. So I adjusted my plans to start packing given that I didn't know if anything would be safe near an unoccupied building. I do wish they would make the folks just parking cars there - specifically the cars that did NOT move the whole time I was there including one that is full of "stuff" that appears to date back to the 80s given the computer parts - move them.

Had a nice evening out with History and H-Net folks and a friend graciously agreed to fix the satellite radio connection in my car that had been undone when I had the power loss (for phone and GPS device) checked. It was a very unconvenient spot but the problem was soon remedied and I was able to listen to Sean Hannity this afternoon.

It was rainy/misty until I was in Illinois an hour or so past Chicago. At least it wasn't heavy rain but it was much nicer when the sun was out. The sun setting tonight was gorgeous - it's one of my favorite times of the day to drive. I saw the St. Louis arch with the sun behind it.

I'm at the same Hampton Inn (St. Louis SW) as coming up here. Apparently I had to book online to get the bonus 250 points for Hilton Honors. It's not full at all but am glad I have a) the room and b) the extra points. Both managers that have been here have been outstanding. Tonight's manager recommended Nicoletti's for dinner and it was perfect - I was simply too tired to drive 15 miles back downtown and then back out here again - esp. since every place was so crowded - which is to be expected on a Saturday night at 7.

Mona Lisa Smile was on again this morning while I was packing and right now I'm watching the 2nd Bridget Jones again. I wish there were more novels about single women that weren't based on English women - that was overdone for quite awhile - esp. when it wasn't obvious they weren't in the US.

I hope to get up early but it also won't really matter as long as I get a good night's sleep. I hope to stop by to see Sam to give him his shirts and hat and maybe even stop by Mom and Dad's given that it will be a couple of weeks before I have another chance.

It was 79 degrees before the sun started going down - quite a change from snow on Monday. Shadow and I will both be glad to get home.

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