Thursday, March 01, 2007

Day 1 at Michigan State

I missed most of the weather during my drive from St. Louis to East Lansing on Wednesday. Tornadoes hit less than an hour from home in Kansas and I arrived here before the freezing rain was too bad. I didn't eat lunch until 4:30 - I'll have to remember not to do that again. I just didn't want McDonald's. I used to be able to primarily eat Mickey D's for road food but now the calories are just too much - so I ended up with Taco Bell - at least some taste to go with the calories . . .

The place I'm staying here is excellent - I finally have my room on the second floor. Shadow is starting to get adjusted but what I miss most is being able to just let him out of the back door. I will put on snow boots but will be out in my robe in a minute to make sure he has his last trip out.

I spent quite a bit of time on the MSU campus today and now have an official ID, mailbox, and office - some in the History Department and some at the humanities computing center. I ate Vietnamese for lunch as I approached campus at 11 - decided I wasn't going to have a late lunch again today. Then, this evening I did some online research and found some Greek food to bring home for dinner. Luckily, I discovered a grocery store in the same shopping center so I know have whole milk for my Ovaltine and some fruit and some carrots. I will cook some eventually but am going to enjoy the variety of take-out here. I'm not sure I can cook on an electric stove anymore but want to enjoy the time here, too, and not overwhelm myself with cooking although I may take some cooking classes.

I was going to try speed-dating here but it falls on the only date I will be away from Michigan (in DC reviewing grants is where I'll be) so I will have to try some different approaches since I seem to have survied almost every other type of dating.

I may attend a brown bag lunch tomorrow as well as get back to grant writing before the 9 March deadline.

I think some of my head cold was allergies given that I am gradually feeling less "stuffy" although I'm still catching up on sleep.

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