Friday, March 02, 2007

Day 2 at Michigan State

The snow I had hoped to see was absolutely spectacular! I watched it outside the office window all afternoon. Poor Shadow wasn't as happy with the snow when we went for our long afternoon walk.

I made a lot of progress on grants today - enough so that I can finish them up and actually enjoy the weekend.

A bagel was found for a late breakfast but the brown bag lunch presentation about farm women photos was moved or canceled when I arrived. I knew that room reservations aren't usually handled by the departments housed in that building so I went to my office. I met one of the grantwriters in residence and I hope to have further conversations with her.

I finished up some of the Greek food for dinner and will get out and about tomorrow. Apparently I found one of the good supermarkets by accident yesterday. They need to deep clean carpets tomorrow so we will need to be gone for awhile. It will be a good day to explore the neighborhoods - apparently a good Asian market is just a few blocks the other direction.

There's an international dinner at the high school tomorrow which should be fun.

I slept well enough last night to almost feel back to normal - and being productive on putting some grant details together today - both on paper, via email, and on the phone was great.

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