Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 7 at MSU

It snowed again this morning but the sun was out at noon. It was a bit sad when it dawned on me that this may be the last time Shadow gets to nose around in the snow. It looks like we'll get the warming trend next week.

The last grant is almost off the table - I just need fresh eyes to take one last final look and straighten out the appendices.

I actually made it to the library today. They have colored tape on the floor so you can find the right section (LoC letter). I looked at history ed and at Eleanor Roosevelt and then paired by stack by almost half - my usual habit (even at my home library) is to check out so many books that I can hardly carry them. Well, my not-20-something back is rebelling more openly now. So, I have plenty to read. I also learned something else about the MSU campus - it's about as easy to park near the Auditorium (where my office is) and walk to the library than to find a parking place near the library given the directional driving in circles on campus as well as the restricted left turns.

The next step is not feeling overwhelmed by existing deadlines to just enjoy being up here. I had certainly hoped to be finished with TAH before I arrived but that's not the way it all worked. But we are still a ways out from the deadline (at least in grant terms) and we didn't have any challenges due to others have had given that we have an expert on that who is the grants manager.

So, tonight is the first night I don't feel overwhelmed to work all evening.

Oh, the great find of the day was Cottage Inn Pizza - esp. the Mediterranean pizza. And the salad was out of this world. This is what I was looking for last night and didn't find (although I did find greasy sort-of tomato sauce on pizza). I like the Okemos location given that Shadow can safely go along and watch me go inside to get the pizza. And now that I have to-go menus, I can call and the pizza and everything should be ready by the time to get there.

Now to stock up on Dr. Pepper since I'm too far north for it to be readily available.

hey kelly. yep. parking's a pain, it really is. when i next see you, i should show you how to get books delivered over here (i do it all the time)

and now you've got me jonesing for a med pizza. when we get lunch, maybe i'll introduce you to Georgio's--best pizza in town. hands down.
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