Friday, March 23, 2007

Last Day at Michigan State

The time has certainly flown. Yesterday and today I spent most of my time going through all of the library books I had checked out to know which ones I would want to get through InterLibrary Loan since I didn't get through all of them here.

Wednesday Dr. Judy Olson took me to lunch and taught me quite a bit about GIS - not that I know very much but at least I have a much better concept of how it can be used in teaching history.

I also had a great time talking to a social studies ed prof here and we plan to begin working together. I need to learn how to publish in education journals and she needs publications for tenure and promotion. Plus, we both have a lot to learn from each other. She has worked with some of the stars in history education at the University of Michigan.

Last night I went to a wine tasting and tapas dinner at Dusty's Cellar in Okemos. The most interesting part of the evening was meeting a man who works for the Educational Testing Service and writes questions not only for AP Government, AP Comparative Politics, but also the Praxis II tests for social sciences and social studies. There are real people behind those tests! It will be an interesting story to tell my students.

Tonight will be a bit of an evening out and then packing before the drive home tomorrow and Sunday. My fear is that the weather has been so warm at home that I will have some mowing and weedeating to do. Nothing like exercising in the yard after driving 800 miles!

Tuesday it's off to the TAH Symposium and the OAH.

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