Sunday, March 11, 2007

Through Day 11 at MSU

It's Sunday already! Thursday was consumed with finishing our TAH grants and Friday I helped friends finish submitting theirs and learned more about the intricacies of and the NCLB data from various states I had to help friends include in their grants. At least some good came out of the extended time I felt bombarded by NCLB-related standards data, data anaylsis, and disaggregation.

The weather warmed up and I won't be surprised if the snow finishes melting today.

Friday night I went to a wine tasting at Dusty's Cellar and learned more about South American wines. I'll go back in a couple of weeks for another wine tasting and an Italian dinner.

I'm in the midst of reading grant proposals for a trip to DC on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be great only having to fly 1 1/2 hours from Detroit and the drive over to Detroit will be less than the drive to KC with little of the frustration of driving 2-lane roads.

I spent much of yesterday doing errands and doing my first loads of laundry here. I brought way too many clothes since I didn't quite know what I would be wearing most and also knew there would be some dress-up occasions. And there would be the range of snow and winter weather to spring weather. But it's also meant that I will probably only have to do laundry twice for the month I'm here. yeah! I paid extra rent in my apartments in Missouri, Texas, and Florida to have my own washer and dryer. But, all the exercise up and down the steps was good for me even though poor Shadow kept resisting coming up the steps because he knew it contained the possibility of his being left.

Today, I'm going to cook some pasta. While there are a wealth of ingredients from the various groceries here, I don't have all of the kitchen equipment here. The hotel has provided plenty of equipment for the average person. I'm going to make some Rice Krispie treats later - they're good for breakfast and for dinner and at least a bit more nutritious than a candy bar.

I am doing some "bigger thinking" that should be part of a sabbatical but also know there is much to do and that the rest of my time in Michigan will just fly by. This week will be different now that spring break is over. And I have a presentation March 20 about history and history education. . . . .

I've also be examining vehicles since I need to replace my Explorer. Given that the dealership that took such good care of my shut down and the various mechanical problems Explorers have had, I'm looking at the range of GM products (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post). It looks like a white one of these is a serious consideration. My first car was a medium light blue and I've had two other blue ones since even though it's not necessarily my favorite color. I wrecked my dusty violet explorer and was tempted to paint later Explorers that color except that I usually need to get new engines before new shells (except in the case of the Explorer I turned end over end a few times). I've also had a red Beretta GTZ and a red Explorer along with a black Pontiac Grand Am GT - my first actual car that was mine and not a hand-me down. So, while black is great-looking, I'm up for a little less demanding color.

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