Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why am I here?

Why am I here? That is part of the reason I'm here. It's becoming clearer and clearer that I'm trying to do too much work and need to figure out a) how to say the word 'no' and to learn to choose what projects most interest me and stop feeling obligated to doing things I don't like doing anyway - especially when it drains energy away from what I really want to do plus allows me little personal time for a life outside of work.

H-Net is headquartered at Michigan State with the generous support of Matrix. As the H-Net Vice-President for Teaching and Learning and a list editor for H-Teach and H-TAH, I'm here partially to explore the world of H-Net and to physically be around some of the core people that make it work (in addition to the thousands of editors worldwide).

Because of Teaching American History grants and a Carnegie program, Teachers for a New Era, and the groundbreaking work of people like Sam Wineburg, Bob Bain, and Bruce VanSledright, more historians are paying attention to how we learn history. Because MSU is almost ten times bigger than my home institution, there are a great deal more opportunities to explore regarding the academic atmosphere and connections to be made across campus. And this doesn't include a much larger library in which I can do some much needed research without having to rely on InterLibrary Loan (as wonderful as it is to have - it still is full of inherent delays. There's still nothing like browsing the library shelves.)

So, today is continue to work on grants day so that we can submit them before the Friday deadline and not be caught in the crunch of final submission online.

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