Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back in Washington, DC

I'm back in DC to attend a National Archives Electronic Records Advisory Committee meeting. I took my usual flight into DC that gets me in so that I can get settled in. We're out in Crystal City that was the city created by the metro. I was quite intrigued by the office listing for the University of Oklahoma. They offer 3 graduate degrees here in communications, leadership, and public policy. While it may not make sense to folks from outside Oklahoma, I can certainly see why any Oklahoma parent would be more comfortable not only paying tuition ot the University of Oklahoma but also having a different type of connection with their child (and the student with their school) than trying to determine whether or not they could get into a DC area school (or whether or not it would be appropriate for them). I wonder how many grad students working on degree programs out of this U of Oklahoma satellite campus work in a senate or house office building? I imagine there is a story there.

Ok, on Danny Deutsch, the foot model says she never wears anything but comfortable shoes except on photo shoots - even as she leaves the car and walks into the building where the photos will be taken. In fact, she actually said it was a "disaster when the car wasn't right there" and someone had to carry her for a few blocks. Interesting. . . . almost like all of those botox-ed and multiple surgery folks who think they look perfect . . Just underscores that we should all try to be ourselves no matter what . . . .

The cold front that is hitting hoome is coming in here just a few hours later. 80 degrees today but only 30s to 50s on Friday. I am SO glad we're not stuck out in Maryland way away from metro stops like our last committee meeting. We were closer to Archives II but I would much prefer to take the shuttle between Archives I and II than be stuck at the Maryland Marriott.

Tomorrow will also mark the first time I have had internet access during an ACERA committee meeting. I had the broadband card last time but the security built into the Archives II building kept the signal silent.

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