Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter and Second Life

I read in this morning's paper about an Easter service in Second Life. We celebrated the family Easter at a vigil service last night - which also included bilingual as in repeat instead of alternate and baptisms and confirmations. The town I grew up in has changed quite a bit.

I had hoped to spend some time this afternoon exploring Second Life but the Cox internet was not working again. I talked to someone who lives in another part of town and they are having some issues. Hopefully they get them straightened out given that they are the best option given that the other high speed option in town gives me cause for concern regarding privacy issues.

I did spend some time outside - mowing, weed and feeding, and pruning hydrangea bushes - now that I have discovered that spring pruning is better than fall pruning - esp. when fall pruning cuts down on the flowering of hydrangeas.

I'll still be playing catch up this week. We have a grant activity on Tuesday in Kansas City and then I go to Santa Fe on Thursday for the National Council on Public History meeting. We're doing another interactive session on TAH grants. Plus, I am also looking forward to food in Santa Fe and going to the farmer's market on Saturday morning.

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