Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saturday in Santa Fe

We had a great time in Santa Fe at the NCPH meeting. It was snowing when began the meeting Friday morning and the welcome breakfast definitely made the teachers feel welcome. I then met with Peter and Tom about our session. Considering the competition at the same time, it went quite well. And, it was a great opportunity to get to know two TAH colleagues who primarily are in the public history world. Plus I now have an "inside track" to someone who can show me around New Orleans since he and his family have lived there a long time and are surviving even in the aftermath of Katrina.

We ate dinner at Pasqual's Friday night and had a great time all around. On Saturday, Tom's wife went with me to the farmer's market and then to do some general shopping - including the yarn and bead store. I found some yarn to finish a project that I had been trying to get since I was there two trips ago - the shop was closed the last time I was there. There's a popular culture meeting in Albuquerque next February and I think that will be on the agenda given that I can go up to Santa Fe for a day or two - and that one I could drive to if I wanted to and have room to bring anything back from Jackalope I'd like to. :-) We at at The Shed for lunch.

We headed back first thing on Sunday and luckily missed the weather delays that started on the east coast later in the day.

Otherwise, this week I've been gradually catching up around home. Mowing the lawn is great exercise - especially when you have time to do it. And it's time to get to know the neighbors again after a long winter and so much time away. It's nice not to be the youngest in the neighborhood anymore.

Tomorrow night I'm attending a dinner event with friends and then a family event on Saturday before heading to the farm on Sunday.

I've been exploring Second Life more - its sure drains the battery on the laptop fast - but is well worth the "trip".

Apparently our campus is one of many having memorial services for the tragic victims from earlier this week. It will take people awhile to feel safe again, but, more importantly, will help give college and university officials the power to do more when they just suspect a problem given what we know about the alleged shooter.

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